JeeZ LaWeeZ


Jammin' with JeeZ LaWeeZ



Breaking news on the JeeZ LaWeeZ front! (Our best side) The long awaited and labor intensive birthing of our CD (self titled) has finally come to fruition! The cat is out of the bag, the die is cast, the egg is hatched and we popped that baby out!  We’re busting our buttons with pride and joy! Not only is it pleasing to the ear but it really looks fantastic too! This explains all the exclamation points........--!!


For those of you who want to purchase CD’s online, including CD Baby, iTunes and there will be a waiting period until the physical CD’s get processed and entered into their data banks for promotion and inventory, etc. The projected date is April 15, but keep checking our website for further updates as to their availability. 


If you’re local to Albuquerque and couldn’t make it to our CD release party (March 30th), come on out to any of the wide variety of places we’ll be appearing in the next few months and get a signed copy for yourself and ALL of your friends! Just check our calendar dates page. 


We know y’all are chomping at the bit to get your hands, ears and eyes on this infamous CD!  We totally put our stamp of approval on this project. Under all the frills, fun, feathers, tutus and hijinks of our LaWeeZness, we’re pretty darn picky! We want our fans to have the best of us because we love you! 



The LaWeeZeZ