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"Jeez LaWeez may appear to be a musical group, but in fact, they are a self-professed spiritual path to enlightenment disguised as a hugely talented and outrageously silly trio of musicians. They have, at last, released their eponymously titled debut album."

--Mel Minter


We can proudly proclaim that one of the songs, "No Mo", on our debut album, won Best of the Year in the category of Novelty/Humorous--what else?--at the New Mexico Mic Awards this past May!  Miss Nancy Harvin and her alter ego "Swamp Girl" wrote this genius and most-requested piece of hilarity as an answer to her very proper Southern upbringing.  She also wrote another award-winning song (also on our debut album) that won Best Music Video of 2012 called "Little White Lies".  Click on the Youtube button at the top of the page and it will take you right there!  We've received over 3,000 hits and we promise it will tickle your funny bone over and over again!

Get our brand new CD at CD Baby.  You can buy the physical copy of it, or download it from their site.  Our CD is also available at, iTunes and Spotify.  So now you have no ostensible reason for not having our beloved and award-winning CD!  If you’re local to Albuquerque you can show up at any of the oodles and scads of places we’re playing and get a signed copy for yourself and ALL of your friends! Check our calendar page to find out where we are next!


We'll see you in your wildest dreams!



The LaWeeZeZ