JeeZ LaWeeZ


Jammin' with JeeZ LaWeeZ



I just can't take my ears off of them!

You gals are just getting better than chocolate! Smooth, delicious,and sooo enjoyable. Need a "Jeezer 4 Evah" shirt. Xoxoxoxo, Pamela 

You guys have become beautiful threads in the tapestries of our lives, one gloriously colorful thread for each of you and one intertwined rainbow thread for all of you as a group. Those threads are a permanent part of that tapestry. You have NO idea how important you have been to us at this point in our lives....

379,882,498,202 moments of laughter
806,732,560,341 sighs because of the beauty of the music
798,084,361,451.2  swoons
135,998,964,300  moments of worry that it will end too soon
999,999,999,999.9 chances to sing along
809,978,073,999  moments of sheer love
4,994,532,837,393.1 moments of cosmic joy !!!
Thank you and to Jeez LaWeeZ for creating such a fun and magical night at Blade's Bistro on Saturday night. My friend, Susan, and I had such a great time because of your band's highly gifted musical talents. Susan was blown away by Jeez LaWeez's talent. She also believes that your band is going to get recognized and become world famous. Again, New Mexico better enjoy you while they get to have you all to themselves. I was really bummed at the thought that I wasn't going to get to experience Jeez LaWeez's magic one more time. 
Also, I love your rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Your band always gives me chills when you sing it because your harmony transcends the earthly realm and transports me to some other realm that I have no idea existed. Susan had a similar experience when she heard your band perform that song.

What a triumph it was!! (Concerning our Big-Ass Biopark concert.) Hope you sold lots of CD's and T-shirts...... You guys sang your asses off.  A great night, dream come true.

Fondly, Natalie

"You guys have won the prize in the best packaging for ham!" 

".......I explained that we were at a concert with our favorite band. Someone asked me who the band was, and when I said Jeez LaWeeZ, a friend in ear shot screamed, "JEEZ LAWEEZ!!!" and ran over and gave me a big hug as she practically jumped on me. I could probably get a lot of hugs just by saying Jeez LaWeeZ."

Dear Amy, Katie and Nancy - Thank you again for serving up such a delicious evening for Katherine and all the rest of us too. You are truly musical magicians and magical musicians as well as being absolutely delightful people.  We wish you great good luck....... and look forward to our next encounter. Thank you, thank you, thank you! XOXO Dorothy et al 

You guys are a breath of fresh air -- with an infusion of NITRO!!

You sound like one voice! 

Katie, just wanted to let you know we enjoyed your CD very much.  Listened to it from Espanola to Chama and it made the miles fly.  Gosh, you guys are good!!!!!

I think your new CD is wonderful! I can't find the words to describe how much I enjoy it...  so I won't even try (I'm way too lazy). I love the selection of songs and the performances are great and great fun. This CD was well executed.

Congratulations on this extraordinary achievement.

We enjoyed your entertainment very much, as did a large audience! It was a fun-filled and varied program. You were zaney and irreverent with good harmonies and fiddling to boot. We're glad we got a chance to hear/see you. Good luck as you keep going in this venture.
Great seeing and hearing you rock and rollers under the 
Big trees at the zoo.
Love your cd

Are ya'll taking applications for; roadies, groupies or crazy fans ?

Thank you guys for being who you are. You are great ladies and it shows in the spirit of your music.

Dillon and Hannah truly love your CD. Children are attracted to color and you guys wear a LOT of color! Hannah has seen you once a few months ago. She will be 2 next month. She knows the band name and all the songs. Being 2 she can't sing but puts the words in the proper place. Being uplifting singers you draw everyone's attention...... I wanted you guys to know how these little people adore you. Dillon is in preschool and everything kids do at his age turns into larger things when shared at preschool. I always love to hear you guys. I look forward to watching your affect on other little people. These 2 are smitten!

Cindy W. here. I'm very happy to report Dillon and his sister Hannah listen to your CD all the time. They have most of it memorized.  Hannah will be 2 soon. She knows words enough that she can sing some--it's hit and miss, but in the correct spot on the words.......
Dillon isn't happy Nancy can't go to town any more. He said she was bad when she spit on the sidewalk. But likes the dairy queen reference! I wanted to report how you have made large impressions on little people. I wish you a grand evening! 

"In heaven, listening to the three of you and remembering the joy I felt hearing you perform! Thank you, Amy and Lois, for this beautiful gift of happy magic! Can hardly wait until we can afford to come visit again and hear you perform! Hope you're all happy and performing like crazy to a devoted and growing audience!"

We just listened to Hallelujah. Holy smokes! A musical masterpiece!


My husband and I went to O’Neils and it was PACKED!!  I wanted to go say hi to you girls and congratulate you but couldn’t get in!  We will try to come this coming Sunday . . .  but we’re going to come earlier!  So happy for you all on the release of your new CD!!  YAHOO!!!  

We certainly enjoyed the JZLWZ performance at Solid Grounds.  You guys have got to be one of the most highly evolved groups in the area with your tight harmonies, excellent arrangements, great stage presence, etc., etc.  You should be out on the road making millions.

I'm still reeling from my first Jeez LaWeez experience.  The proper adjectives, to describe your band, have not yet been invented.  It was the most wonderful, exciting and fun evening I've had in a very long time!  Its been a very long time since I've gotten excited about hearing a new band and Jeez was just what I needed.  I, now, force everyone who visits my home to watch all of your Youtube stuff (and I believe we have converted many to the LaWeez cause).

Thanks again for touching me with your music......


Hey Gals,
I'm sure you can't know the respect there is for you. It can't fit in a room!  Listening at the Cafe' was awesome!  To hear every strum, every word and feel the vibration is fantastic! When you started Hallelujah, I didn't notice talking in the room until there was none!  You had everyone's attention.  All of you sang to perfection!  All I can say is I don't think it can be sung better!  The same for Major Tom.  Creepy it's so good...... Thank you for your talent! 

Loved listening to your group tonight.  You are all so talented and adorable!  We wanted a seat so got there a bit too early; however, those who did not get there early did not have a seat.  We ran out of drink and eats by about 7:20 (and we had plenty) so felt guilty sitting there...... We were running out of steam.  But your group sure does not.  You are amazing women on so many levels.  I am proud to know you!  We cannot wait to enjoy you all again!  

You girls rock no matter where you perform.
Love every one of you very fine ladies.

Sunday was the highlight of my Jeez LaWeez groupie experiences.  You guys were amazing!  ......... When we did the circle dance to your last number, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up the entire time, and your standing ovation was totally deserved.  So keep on going, dear JL, and I hope that your CD will be done by Fall and in our hands soon.................endless congrats for showing O'Neill's what a really good band sounds like.


Your faithful groupie,



.......They're called Jeez Laweez , and they blew our socks off! Fabulous harmonies, great instrumentation including lots of different instruments, and really varied, eclectic, material including some clever, inventive originals. It's an "all girl" trio (something we feminists like!), and they dress up in silly stuff for fun, but they don't need to - their music stands on it's own, and is as good as anything we've heard in NM in the last ten years.
I know you don't know me, but Riha just forwarded your announcement about your winnings at the NM Music Awards. I wanted to fully congratulate you!
I had checked out all the winners earlier and looked at your video - so creative and entertaining! I love what you did. Fantastik! Smile
From one musician to another (or three others!) - keep up the good work! 

What a terrific event last Friday. Warm thanks for presenting at OASIS. The feedback was great, and I think you could see that the audience was appreciative. The vocals, arrangements, choice of songs, and your own personalities came together into a perfect Friday Recital.

I heard you at the Folk festival. Joe and Linda Brown of WMA advised me to hear you. I was thrilled beyond words with your music!
When you did Space Oddity I had goose bumps.

WOW, you ladies literally ROCK!!  I am so proud of all of you!  Now I can say I know some real life celebrities!!  Keep up the great work ladies you definitely deserve to receive an award!!  Love you wild and crazy chicks!  

You guys represent awesomeness.  Thanks for the constant reminder that life is fun. 

Thanks for a really fun show last night.  Everyone had a great time and both the library folks and the audience were really happy. I think you made a bunch of new fans :)

Karen Smith:  "You're so smart-alecky you could come off snarky but you don't. You come off as charming and bright."

Jean:  "You've got EVERYTHING!"

Kelly:  "Fresh and spunky"

Janet:  "You guys look like a cross between Cyndi Lauper and Pippi Longstocking. 

           You embellished our weekend" 

Great performance last night! I loved Jeez LaWeez(sp)--everybody loved them. Your voices are all so beautiful and blend together so well--and how upbeat -- such feel good music. I can't wait for another performance.

I caught your performance at Solid Grounds last night-compelling selections, masterfully performed, striking harmonies. Thanks, TC


Big thanks to you & JeeZ LaWeez for performing at Howl & Prowl on Saturday!  Your music was such a wonderful addition to the event.  Wagner Farms should have you there every weekend during pumpkin season!



"The Jeez Laweez videos are wonderful. We are very fortunate to have such accomplished musicians in our area. With all of the nonsense going on in the world your music is truly medicine for the soul.

I'm going into the living room to put Jeez Laweez on the big TV so I can really appreciate the sound."



"Wow!! You ladies are something else!!!! Had fun! Romieliz  (my music name)
If you need video please let me know." Liz Mountainside Photography


"You are something else! I am totally a JZLWZ groupie now - as if I wasn’t already......  How can we ever thank you for coming out and entertaining us?.......It was simply a perfect day......."

We want to thank Jeez LaWeez for their first, hopefully not their last, performance on our stage. They were fun, funny and truly a class act.

"You all have it going on and I thought
the energy was amazing.  You handled the music, mix,
talk and all very well.  I'm clearly impressed!"


"Thank you for the wonderful performance - everyone really enjoyed it.  If I get an opportunity to recommend a band for entertainment, I'll make sure to mention the three of you."


"The harmonies are superior. Excellent instrumentation and good stage presence too. A fun and unique band. Good for you!"

"I enjoyed all your music today - the harmonies with JeezLaWeez are just outstanding. But I really was blown away by the musical skills on the instruments by all of you...Katie, you're one heckuva picker! And Amy is amazing on everything she plays!"

"You guys did an outstanding job of harmonizing, it was just gorgeous!"

"With the combination of Nancy's great voice and performing abilities and all of the instruments she plays, Amy's huge vocal range with that rich texture plus her violin virtuosity, and Katie's multiple talents accompanied by her original and creative arranging -- you three are in serious TROUBLE!!!" 

"Love psycho killer.  Viola is perfect.  All three of youse guys continue to amaze me with your musicality and versatility."

"Hey you,
It was so special heaRING YOUR HARMONIES, i WAS INSPIRED (I swear I am going to take my cap lock button and throw it in the trash) really inspired."

"I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you three were the other night. I had a great time."

"You all were wonderful.  The fun you all were having was infectious, and the harmonies were GREAT!"

"What a treat!!  It was a delight to hear you and your band perform last night.  JeeZ LaWeeZ is fantastic.
I am interested in hiring you to play at a party for me this summer....."

"This is so exciting. And the name.....just sooooooo adorable. Love you so much and love getting your emails of band info!"

"This group sounds like a lot of fun.....keep me apprised of where you're playing.  Great outfits!  I'd go hear the band just to see the cute dresses all of you are wearing.  Plus, you're probably a very good trio."

"Katie—This sounds like the best new thing to hit Albuquerque!  And Nancy’s gonna play ukulele?!  I will be there!"

Jeez LaWeez is one of the most unusual and fabulous groups I’ve heard in decades!
Their musicality is superb, and their singing voices and harmonies exquisite.
The variety of their sets is delightful, with many songs we’ve known for years, as well as their own compositions that we quickly come to know and love.
Their music is an end in itself as well as a marvelous spiritual vehicle for one to share joy, playfulness, outrageousness, and irreverence for the staid and “tried-but-not-so-true.”  They model the mantra of the Giraffe Society, which advocates sticking your neck out for the common good!