This fun and fabulous all-girl trio bends the rules of good taste with a batch of smart-alecky originals so tangy they'll make your mouth water.  Follow that up with tasty interpretations from Elvis Costello to Leonard Cohen to David Bowie and Bach again. Luscious three part harmonies and bodacious git-ups are their trademarks, served on a crispy bed of solid musicianship.  You'll ask "Did she say what I think she said?"  Yes, she did.  This is all-female-folk-rock at its finest.  Katie Gill on guitar and ukulele, Amy Blackburn on violin, viola and mandolin, Nancy Harvin on electric bass and percussion.  Rockin' kazoo solos on request.


JeeZ has two award-winning songs on their debut album.  "No Mo" written by Miss Nancy Harvin won Best of the Year in the category of Novelty/Humorous at the New Mexico Mic Awards in 2013..  "Little White Lies", also penned by Nancy, won Best Music Video at the New Mexico Mic Awards in 2012.  Click on the Youtube button at the top of the page and check it out!  We promise it will tickle your funny bone and you'll hear yourself saying "Did she really say that?"


You can purchase our CD at CD Baby and on Amazon. Get the physical copy or download it from their site.  It's also available on iTunes and Spotify.  So now you have no ostensible reason for not bringing us home with you!  If you’re local to Albuquerque you are welcome to show up at any of the many venues we play and get a signed copy for yourself and ALL of your friends! Check our calendar page to find out where we are next!


 We'll see you in your wildest dreams!


The LaWeeZes