JeeZ LaWeeZ Is Great For Your Health!

I mentioned Jeez LaWeeZ in a post attached to an article about recent evidence that shows exposure to the arts leads to fewer hospital admissions, so I'm sharing my comments with you. Thanks for your great music. I've often thought that the long health history and survey forms I'm asked to complete should include questions such as how often do you sing, or dance, or paint, or write poems, or create gardens or beautiful meals or play the ukulele or go to concerts, plays, art shows or poetry readings. Sitting in two drab medical offices recently, I was asked if I ever felt "down, hopeless, or depressed". The first time I was asked, I responded that anyone who didn't feel that way given the current political situation just wasn't paying attention. This morning I thought, if instead of (or in addition to) pushing pills, docs prescribed half an hour or more of listening to and watching JeeZ LaWeeZ perform, at least some aches and pains would be, even if only temporarily, relieved. These three talented musicians and singers rock--and they spread joy and laughter along the way. Presbyterian, Lovelace, UNM should hire them to perform in clinics, labs and hospitals. As stress levels dropped, so too would blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, respiration rates, and so much more.

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