Kudos from the SpanX, one of our FaVe FanZ....

I went out tonight to meet friends at O'Niell’s and to watch JeeZ LaWeeZ on Washington and Central. Not only are they the most talented act in town with funny original and cover tunes in three part harmony, they are the most decent human beings.  When I was sick they came to me and made me feel not alone and shut in with my sickness by singing to me.  I was so sick and mustered as much as I could to be up.  Amy used to come sit on the porch and make me feel like I was still there.  These girls are what compassion and care really is.  Everyone should support them for who they are and what they do, and the the path they lead.  If you have never seen them, they are angels.  The path they lead is worth following.  Thank you Nancy Harvin, Katie Gill and Amy Blackburn.  You all mean so much to me.

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