I just can't take my ears off of them!” - Arnie Lerner aka Mr. San Diego

— San Diego Fanzine

You gals are just getting better than chocolate! Smooth, delicious,and sooo enjoyable. Need a "Jeezer 4 Evah" shirt. Xoxoxoxo, Pamela ” - Pamela C.

— What Would Jeezer Do? Gazette

You guys have become beautiful threads in the tapestries of our lives, one gloriously colorful thread for each of you and one intertwined rainbow thread for all of you as a group. Those threads are a permanent part of that tapestry. You have NO idea how important you have been to us at this point in our lives....” - Doug H

— The Meaningful Messenger

379,882,498,202 moments of laughter 806,732,560,341 sighs because of the beauty of the music 798,084,361,451.2  swoons 135,998,964,300  moments of worry that it will end too soon 999,999,999,999.9 chances to sing along 809,978,073,999  moments of sheer love ________________ 4,994,532,837,393.1 moments of cosmic joy !!!” - Penny H

— Modern Mathematical Times

Thank you and to Jeez LaWeeZ for creating such a fun and magical night at Blade's Bistro on Saturday night. My friend, Susan, and I had such a great time because of your band's highly gifted musical talents. Susan was blown away by Jeez LaWeez's talent. She also believes that your band is going to get recognized and become world famous. Again, New Mexico better enjoy you while they get to have you all to themselves. I was really bummed at the thought that I wasn't going to get to experience Jeez LaWeez's magic one more time.  Also, I love your rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Your band always gives me chills when you sing it because your harmony transcends the earthly realm and transports me to some other realm that I have no idea existed. Susan had a similar experience when she heard your band perform that song. ” - Emma D.

— A heartfelt email

What a triumph it was!! (Concerning our Big-Ass Biopark concert.) Hope you sold lots of CD's and T-shirts...... You guys sang your asses off.  A great night, dream come true. Fondly, Natalie” - Natalie K.

— Natalie's Travels

You guys have won the prize in the best packaging for ham!" ” - Frank F.

— Frank's Dirty Laundry Review

.......I explained that we were at a concert with our favorite band. Someone asked me who the band was, and when I said Jeez LaWeeZ, a friend in ear shot screamed, "JEEZ LAWEEZ!!!" and ran over and gave me a big hug as she practically jumped on me. I could probably get a lot of hugs just by saying Jeez LaWeeZ.” - Doug H

— The Jumpin' Jocular Jack of Juno

Dear Amy, Katie and Nancy - Thank you again for serving up such a delicious evening for Katherine and all the rest of us too. You are truly musical magicians and magical musicians as well as being absolutely delightful people.  We wish you great good luck....... and look forward to our next encounter. Thank you, thank you, thank you! XOXO Dorothy et al  ” - Dorothy G.

— Songs for Learning, Inc.

You guys are a breath of fresh air -- with an infusion of NITRO!!” - Richard I

— Cosmic Cowboy INFusion

You sound like one voice! ” - Diane the Fan

— La Bella Voce